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All you need to know about ProSpec Company, A Market Leading Procurement & Supply based in Ghana delivering worldwide.

About ProSpec Company...

Market Leading Procurement & Supply Chain Management Solutions That Make A Difference. Prospec is a leading Procurement and Supply Chain Management Services fi­rm specializing in Procurement services & Supply chain management. We deliver Procurement & Supply chain management solutions to Governments, NGO’s, Individuals, Small, Medium and Large corporate organizations.

Team ProSpec

The team at Prospec possesses a combined eight (8) years of hands-on procurement buyer experience, and have strong procurement and supply chain market knowledge and extensive supplier market contacts. 

The team applies a practical structured business approach to its activities. This approach, blended with senior procurement management backgrounds in blue-chip organizations, plus local and global industry experience, establishes the Prospec credentials and places us in a powerful position to assist clients. Prospec works with its clients to develop individually-tailored strategic sourcing, category management and managed service solutions.

Our Supply Solutions - Market Leading Supply

These solutions are designed to deliver signi­ficant cost savings, improve supplier relationships and service delivery, whilst reducing supply risk and eliminating waste and redundancy. 

Prospec provides you procurement expertise that delivers results. Indirect categories often do not receive enough attention because internal resources are both time and information-starved. 

When adequate time or resources cannot be devoted to strategically source the appropriate suppliers and establish the required procurement arrangements, you start out at a great disadvantage. 

Further, without the time and resources to manage the ongoing relationships with suppliers the initial disadvantages can be multiplied many times over. 

Even where reasonable arrangements are established initially, ongoing management is essential to ensure the organization reaps the benefi­ts from the arrangement. 

This is the very reason the why Prospec exists to bring Professional Procurement expertise and consistency of ongoing management to an organization supply arrangement.

Prospec is an indigenous renowned merchandizing and logistics company that is set to provide its client with the very best blend of goods and services with well-known and established industrial strength, skill and technical ability. 

Our business span through general merchandise that include general goods and industrial supplies and services, logistics of heavy-duty industrial machines, import & export of general and industrial goods as well as construction.

Experience - Market Leading Supply

Our experiences in the Obuasi, Ayanfuri, Tarkwa, Bogoso, Prestea, Takoradi and Nzema Mining and Oil& Gas communities and Ghana at large are diverse and wide-ranging. 

Furthermore, our growing reputation for technical expertise has enabled us to work on many specialist projects in the mining sector, where we are able to provide real added value to our clients. 

Over the years Prospec established a strong foot-hold in a diverse range of importable and exportable products.

At Prospec we understand the excellence in customer service and unwavering quality standard ensure growth and success. 

The key to this goal is working with our clients and suppliers by delivering the right product at the right time.  

We ensure flexibility to meet our customer’s requirement with regard to quality and delivery schedule, while maintaining a competitive and pricing structure.

Our Vision

Set out to become the most sought-after strategic provider of irrefutable quality, effective world class value for money, sustainable procurement and supply chain management services worldwide.

Our Mission

Providing the most Strategic, effective, quality, Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain Management services by giving our numerous clients worldwide. 

A world class value for money experience, ensuring total savings, total quality management, total customer satisfaction, while we procure into the future for the next generations.

Quality Services

Prospec sources product, as well as coordinates supply production throughout Ghana and the world at large, offering in short, a one stop solution for all buyer’s requirement.

The principles that guide Prospec in the Business

  • Quality control
  • Strict adherence to delivery schedule
  • Competitive pricing and focus on other critical areas
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Discipline and Professionalism
  • Teamwork, Trust and Mutual Respect

Expertise and Services

Throughout the year of experience, we have developed a high level of expertise and knowledge in our core activities. Prospec is actually one of the few companies that manage mass orders and deliveries. We control the entire supply chain from buying to schedule delivery.

Sourcing of new products

  • Send to us your specifications and we will source it, find competitive manufacturers and get the best price and quality for you.

Personalized customer care

  • We customize to each client individual requirement.

Competitive cost and adherence to deadlines

  • We offer best of prices at a competitive level that exists in your market.
  • Adherence to schedule and on time delivery is followed at all level of delivery.

Quality Assurance

  • We ensure best quality affordable by you rate by triple checking goods that goes out of our warehouse. So you can be sure you get the best value for money.


Investment in talented staff and nurturing of its team- players form the backbone of Prospec work culture with strong focus on social accountability.  We   are   strengthened by our partnership with internationally as well as our indigenous suppliers. Together, they keep Prospec at the fore front of the latest products.

Cooperate Objective

  • To become the most widely spread provider of total quality procurement and supply chain management services in West African regions and worldwide.
  • Provide e­ffective and trusted strategic procurement consultations, giving our numerous clients worldwide a world class value for money experience.
  • Creating value for our clients and suppliers across the entire supply chain
  • Building and maintaining solid strategic and integrative alliances / relationships.
  • Execute our services in the most ethical manner following procurement standards.
  • Ensure sustainable green procurement and efficient cost management.

Our Core Values

Prospec sticks to her ethics of reliability, professionalism, loyalty and trustworthiness which aims to provide innovative solutions and creativity to all our projects to deliver a successful output, within our resources on time. We are also safety conscious and unique in the supply chain industry. Management and staff at Prospec subscribe and commit themselves to the following values:

  • To respect the rights of all clients, tenants and employees
  • To never breach the confidentiality of a client.
  • To respect client’s expectation of a professional service.
  • To operate in a non-discriminatory and non-partisan manner.
  • To strive to provide an excellent service at all times to clients.
  • To promote transparency and avoid favoritism, corruption and conflict of interest
  • To operate in a manner which will reflect our integrity and honesty
  • To be committed to the empowerment of the disadvantaged people of the region
  • We endeavor to fulfill this by exploring our environment while conforming to the highest international safety standards.
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